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Two moped assailants took turns stabbing 31yearold man to death for

[h3] [/h3] 2 moped assailants took turns to stab a guy for his ₤ 7,000 Rolex as he was killed in front of his sweetheart, a court heard.

Danny Pearce, 31, was killed while walking house with Stephanie Holland after a night out at Oliver’s Jazz Club in Greenwich, southeast London.

Mr Pearce was stabbed and contended on King William Walk on 15 July 2017 after he declined to hand over his watch to 2 men riding a moped.

One was David Egan, 24, who had actually carried out a series of moped burglaries between 11 and 15 July with knives, a gun or both, Inner London Crown Court heard.

‘ The offences were committed by 2 guys on a moped who had actually been visiting the Greenwich location looking for costly watches,’ stated district attorney Louis Malby.

The couple left the club and were on King William Stroll, being followed by their buddies.

Danny Pearce, 31, (left) was with his sweetheart Stephanie Holland (ideal) after a night out at Oliver’s Jazz Club in Greenwich, southeast London, when he was attacked

They planned to get some items from Mr Pearce’s automobile before getting an Uber house.

Jordan Bailey-Mascoll, 26, was imprisoned for 35 years for the murder during a moped break-in

As they strolled up the road they were faced by the two killers wearing crash helmets and balaclavas.

‘ Among them had a handgun in his hand, referred to as an old made revolver,’ said Mr Mably.

‘ The other one had a knife in his hand and in Stephanie Holland’s view it was curved.’

The males shouted: ‘Offer me your watch’ at Mr Pearce as they displayed the weapons at the couple.

‘ Stephanie yelled, ‘Run!’ and ran back towards Nevada Street. As she was running down the street she heard shots fired.

‘ They were genuine bullets that were being fired.’

Mr Pearce was chased after up and down the roadway before Jordan Bailey-Mascoll, 28, stabbed him next to a parked vehicle.

Egan then cornered him on the front steps of a flat where he was knifed again, the court heard.

Danny and his sweetheart Stephanie, who pleaded with his assailants to spare Danny’s life, a court heard. The pair had been dating for a year

Mr Mably stated: ‘Rather by opportunity there was a video camera pointing right at the steps, and it covered the area of the actions and the bonnet of the automobile.

Mr Pearce’s ₤ 7,000 Rolex, targeted by the assailants

‘ There were 2 things that occurred that we would have never ever know about.

‘ The very first, is that along with the attacks at the bonnet of the cars and truck, as well as the steps, there was a lot more going after up and down the street which is caught on the CCTV.

‘ The second is perhaps even more significant, when the footage is examined you can see that the 2 men actually swap positions and they take it in turn to stab Danny Pearce.

‘ It was the black automobile where the battle took place over the bonnet, which automobile was later on found to have great deals of areas of blood on the bonnet, Mr Pearce’s blood.

‘ The steps were actually leaking with blood.

‘ There is a wall on one side and railing on the other. Mr Pearce was caught on those actions with this offender assaulting him with the knife.

‘ He has already been stabbed by that stage by Bailey-Mascoll and he knew that he would be stabbed once again.

‘ He was banging on the door hoping someone would let him in, in the end somebody did unlock however it was far too late.’

Jordan Bailey-Mascoll, on back of moped. Bailey-Mascoll and his accomplice were driving around on a moped, targeting people with pricey watches, Woolwich Crown Court heard

Danny Pearce (in white t-shirt) with friends quickly prior to the attack. One balaclava-clad man was armed with a long ‘especially gruesome’ searching knife and the other a gun, court heard

Jurors heard the guys pulled off Mr Pearce’s watch as Ms Holland ran back towards her boyfriend.

‘She was using high heels, she was running up and down the street trying to secure her sweetheart,’ Mr Malby said.

Mr Pearce was dragged into the flat however nothing might be done to conserve him.

Egan, of Ashmead Roadway, Deptford, southeast London, denies murder, 3 counts of burglary and two of belongings of an offensive weapon.

He also rejects possessing a weapon in a public location, and having a replica firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Jurors were told Bailey-Mascoll has actually currently been convicted of murdering Mr Pearce.

The trial continues.

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