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Taiwan train crash: Prosecutors seek arrest of truck owner in

Prosecutors in Taiwan want to jail the owner of an unmanned truck that rolled onto a rail track eliminating 50 people and hurting 178.

The train, bring 494 guests, came off the rails in a tunnel just north of Hualien causing some carriages to strike the wall of the tunnel on Friday.

It smashed into the construction truck after it moved down a hillside above the tracks, Taiwan Railways Administration said.

Numerous guests were crushed just before the train got in the tunnel and some climbed up out of windows and strolled along the train’s roofing system to safety.

Taiwan’s federal government’s catastrophe relief centre declared the truck’s emergency brake was not appropriately engaged.


Chief prosecutor Yu Hsiu-duan stated her group was seeking an arrest warrant for the truck’s owner, who was questioned in addition to several others after the crash.

On The Other Hand, President Tsai Ing-wen has been checking out hospitals near the crash instead of the scene itself to prevent hindering rescue work, according to her representative.

” This heart-breaking mishap triggered lots of injuries and deaths. I came to Hualien today to go to the injured and express my condolences to the departed passengers’ families,” Ms Tsai said. “We will undoubtedly assist them in the aftermath.”

The leader likewise informed reporters on Friday that she asked for the Transport Security Committee to carry out a rigorous examination.

Transport Minister Lin Chia-lung stated repairs will be accelerated.

After exploring the crash site, Mr Lin said: “When such a thing occurs, I feel very sorry and I will take full obligation.”

Workers handled to get rid of the two rearmost automobiles from the tracks on Saturday early morning, but a third could not be moved prior to tracks are repaired.

A further 5 automobiles are still wedged in the tunnel.

Two big building and construction cranes have been seen located next to the train in a remote woody cliff area on the island’s east coast.

Weng Hui-ping, head of the train administration’s news group, states the operation must be done within a week.

Amongst the people who died in the crash was the train’s young, freshly wed driver and the assistant driver, the National Fire Service stated.

The crash is the island’s worst rail catastrophe since a train ignited in 1948 in rural Taipei which killed 64 people.

The train was an express service taking a trip from Taipei to Taitung carrying lots of travelers and individuals heading house at the start of a vacation.

Images of the crash scene revealed some carriages inside the tunnel crumbled and ripped apart from the effect.

The country’s last major rail crash was in 2018 when an express train thwarted while working out a tight corner on the northeast coast, killing at least 18 individuals and injuring nearly 200.

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