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Nathan Baggaley: Olympic medallist found guilty of ₤ 110m cocaine

A two-time Olympic silver medallist canoeist and his sibling have been condemned of plotting to smuggle ₤ 110m worth of drug into Australia.

Nathan Baggaley, who won two silver medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and his bro, Dru Baggaley, were charged with attempting to import 650kg of drug in 2018.

The Australian bros, who both rejected the charges, were found guilty on Thursday after 8 hours of considerations at Brisbane Supreme Court.

Dru, 39, and another male, Anthony Draper, were detained off the Queensland coast after a significant police chase involving the navy and air force.

Nathan, 45, bought the speedboat utilized in the incident and was jailed 10 months later, with prosecutors saying he was planning to fulfill the set at a boat ramp to store the drugs.


Dru and Draper made an 11-hour journey in June 2018 to meet a foreign ship that was carrying the drugs.

But they were found by security airplanes, triggering a navy ship to follow them.

Video footage shows Dru throwing packages of drug overboard as Draper tried to avoid the ship.

They were then detained by armed officers on a cops boat.

Dru stated he thought he was gathering tobacco and claims Draper kidnapped him and made him go on the journey otherwise he would injure his household.

Nevertheless, Draper said he was recruited by Dru to drive the boat and claims he was informed they were picking up “smoko” which he thought was cannabis.

Draper pleaded guilty to importing drug earlier this year and had his sentence decreased for affirming against the bros.

Nathan informed the court he purchased the boat with cash provided to him by Dru and fitted it with a satellite phone and navigation system since he was informed it would be used to begin a whale-watching company.

His finger prints were found on tape used to hide the boat’s registration number.

Nathan is likewise a three-time world canoe champ but his career has actually been tarnished by drug scandals.

He tested favorable for banned steroids in 2005 after he claimed he drank his sibling’s orange juice without realising it was laced with the steroid.

In 2007 he was found with 762 ecstasy tablets, cannabis and money in his automobile then was imprisoned after facing more drug charges of manufacturing and dealing euphoria that year. He also stole a surf ski.

2 years later he confessed to manufacturing more than 1,500 MDMA tablets and providing a restricted drug for which he was imprisoned for 9 years.

In 2010 he had another jail sentence added after being found with steroids in jail.

In 2013, he was charged with different counts of conspiracy to import a business amount of banned drugs into Australia as well as production and producing prohibited drugs for which he was imprisoned.

The Baggaley siblings will be sentenced at a date not yet decided.

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