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Ethiopian soldiers take control of Tigray’s capital Mekelle, nationwide

Ethiopian soldiers have taken “complete control” of the Tigray area’s capital Mekelle, the federal government has actually said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in a declaration published on his Twitter page police were looking for the leaders of the Tigray People’s Freedom Front (TPLF), who have been combating federal forces in the northern region since 4 November.

” I am happy to share that we have actually completed and ceased the military operations in the #Tigray area,” Mr Abiy said.

Thousands of people have gotten away across the Ethiopian border with Sudan in worry of combating in the Tigray region, the leaders of which have been associated with a long-running power struggle with Addis Ababa.

There was no instant remark from the TPLF and claims from all sides have actually been difficult to confirm as phone and internet links to the area have been down and access has been firmly controlled.


Millions of civilians have actually been impacted by the combating that has been going on in the area for nearly a month.

Humanitarian employees verified shelling occurred in Mekelle – a city of 500,000 individuals – and Ethiopia’s federal government had actually cautioned homeowners of the city there would be “no grace” if they didn’t move away in time.

Mr Abiy had actually stated previously the army was relocating after his 72-hour demand for rebel leaders to set their arms expired.

He stated on Saturday the army had secured the release of countless federal soldiers in the Northern Command, a military unit based in Tigray that was being held hostage by the TPLF.

The army chief of personnel, Birhanu Jula, also declared government forces had actually taken control of Mekelle, and state tv stated that federal forces were in full control of the city by 7pm (local time).

On the other hand, previously on Saturday, a diplomat in direct contact with homeowners and the leader of Tigrayan forces stated federal forces had actually begun an offending to catch Mekelle.

Sky News has been informed a clear and definitive military option to the conflict is unlikely as Tigrayan forces, who did much of the battling in Ethiopia’s long war with Eritrea, have big stocks of military hardware and number approximately 250,000 males.

There have likewise been worries that, because of Mr Abiy’s reliance on state militia from Tigray’s southern neighbour Amhara, there is a severe threat of ethnic-based violence.

10s of thousands of civilians have actually already gotten away the area to escape battle, shelling and ethnic persecution.

There were unconfirmed reports that the Tigray rebels attacked an airport in the northeast Ethiopian city of Axum.

Recently, while reporting from the Sudanese border where lots of people had fled to, Sky News discovered a man who stated his 12-year-old son was killed as they made their escape.

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