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Dating professionals share eight trends singles should watch out for

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In between lockdown sex bans and Zoom dates, it’s been a challenging year for those searching for love.

Physical connections were no longer an alternative many were required to make emotional connections virtually – discussing the phone or by means of web camera.

As the dating landscape has moved, experts have actually anticipated that it looks set to alter when again in the brand-new year.

With 2020 drawing to a close, OkCupid have actually taken a look back at current data from their famous matching concerns and exposed what they expect to be the 8 huge dating trends singles need to watch out for in 2021

Here’s a look at what they are and what they imply, according to the professionals.


More than five million individuals on OkCupid stated couples must cohabit prior to thinking about getting married. 89% of respondents in 2020 concur and the pandemic only accelerated couples shacking up.


More than half of OkCupid’s participants from around the globe (59%) said the recent pandemic has made them more inspired towards future adventures, with outside dates showing a popular option for socially distanced meet-ups.


Recently, 48% of Gen Z females and 41% of Millennial ladies stated they consider themselves activists, and Gen Z overall was 11% more likely than Millennials to self-identify as activists.

Borderless love

Considering that the beginning of the pandemic, connections and discussions across borders are up almost 50% among singles, and individuals are setting their location preferences to “anywhere” more than ever before.

Inner-Party Dating

More than two million individuals answered our question “Do you choose that your date shares your political views?” with 64% of respondents concurring: cross-party dating does not work in contemporary relationships. In 2021, we’re visiting more individuals are declining to date outside celebration lines.


Dating app use reached unprecedented levels this year. In reality, 92% of OkCupid participants around the globe said they were continuing to discover love under lockdown. With individuals continuing to spend more time on the app, we’re going to see a shift towards singles paying closer attention to their dating profile images.

Slow Dating

As the pressure of hurrying to meet someone IRL vanishes, we’re visiting a rise in “sluggish dating” – a blend of deeper discussions and more romance through digital and virtual dating.


With climate modification continuing to be a significant talking point globally, OkCupid is finding that a growing number of people’s passion for the world is becoming a steamy topic and a topic to bond over.

To check out OkCupid’s complete report on the future of dating, check out

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