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COVID 19: South Korea traces 100 individuals for every case and is

South Korea is willing to share its test and trace proficiency with the UK if it asks, an official has told Sky News.

We were given special access to the test and trace system operated by the Korea Illness Control and Prevention Company (KDCA).

It enables the travel history of validated COVID patients to be analysed in just 4 hours to identify prospective contacts by combining the patient’s cellphone information and charge card transactions.

For each COVID case, tracers recognize and evaluate 100 people.

In the UK, only 2 people typically are traced for each verified COVID case, according to the current stats.


” It’s terrific that we get information not simply from someone’s memory, which relies upon interviewing people, but from a system that depends on computerisation and information,” Lee Jin, an epidemic intelligence service officer at the KDCA said as he showed the system.

” The greatest lesson is that we can get the info rapidly and properly.”

Asked whether those lessons might be shown the UK, Lee Jin stated: “I believe it will be possible, if the UK requests.”

South Korea has kept COVID deaths low while preventing full lockdowns, taping just 522 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

The country was the very first after China to face a serious coronavirus epidemic.

Unlike countries such as Taiwan and New Zealand, it has not been able to completely get rid of the disease but has instead dealt with rolling clusters.

Its test and trace system has been vital in handling the spread.

South Korea is presently handling a third wave, with cases hitting their highest levels considering that March.

The government reestablished social distancing rules in Seoul, closing bars and limiting restaurants’ operations, a month after they had been raised.

” The third wave of COVID-19 outbreaks is significantly in full swing,” health minister Park Neung-hoo said at the time.

” The situation is extremely severe and severe.”

A Number Of South Korea’s clusters have centred on churches.

Among these, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, is estimated to represent a minimum of a fifth of all the nation’s COVID infections.

Members were implicated of obstructing test and trace efforts and its creator was apprehended and charged by the authorities for concealing information – allegations he denies.

Church members who have actually recuperated from COVID-19 recently offered to donate blood plasma to produce treatments.

At the session, church authorities Kin Soo-jin told Sky News they were co-operating with the government.

“We do not have any objective to spread out the infection on function. It is true that church was embarrassed by the mass infection of church members,” he said.

“I believe that epidemiological investigation is needed.”

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